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Pet End of Life Care

Compassionate In-Home Euthanasia Services

Serving Lakeland, Florida – Everloved is a compassionate partner in your pet’s final journey. We offer personalized, in-home veterinary end-of-life care, focusing on comfort, dignity, and support for you and your beloved pet.


We are here for you

Saying farewell is a deeply emotional time. To ease this difficult journey, EverLoved brings our compassionate veterinary team to your doorstep.

We provide gentle and dignified in-home euthanasia as well as quality of life assessments, right in the comfort of your home. It’s our promise to treat your furry family member with the respect and love they deserve during this heartfelt passage.

Beyond the final goodbye, EverLoved walks you through the entire journey of your pet’s end-of-life transition. From a range of aftercare options like cremation and personalized memorial keepsakes, to our free, ongoing grief support, we ensure you’re never alone in this emotional landscape. Reach out to us today to discover how we can accompany you and your furry family member every step of the way during this sensitive time.

Our Services

In-Home Euthanasia

Our in-home euthanasia service is carefully administered by our veterinarians to provide comfort and peace during your pet’s final moments.


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Quality of Life Assessments

Our in-home quality of life assessments are a collaborative effort between you and our veterinarians, offering informed guidance on the best end-of-life options for your loved one.


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Aftercare Services

We lovingly handle aftercare details like cremation and memorialization, allowing the special bond between you and your pet to endure, even after they’ve crossed over.


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Pet Loss & Grief Support

We extend heartfelt support to guide you through both the anticipation and the emotional journey of loss, featuring specialized grief support groups and thoughtful resources tailored for you and your family.


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Our Process

1) Complimentary Consultation

When you reach out to us, you’ll find more than a scheduler; you’ll find a listener who truly understands the emotional weight of your call. Our care coordinators compassionately collect key information about your pet’s current condition. This ensures we can thoughtfully set an appointment time that paves the way for a heartfelt and meaningful session with one of our devoted veterinarians.

2) Personalized In-Home Care

One of our seasoned veterinarians will first call to touch base with you, ensuring you’re emotionally ready for the visit. Upon arrival at your home, they’ll attentively assess your pet’s needs, answer all your questions, and guide you gently through the process, creating an atmosphere of dignity and peace that honors both you and your furry loved one.

3) After Care

During this heartfelt chapter, we stand beside you as you select the most fitting aftercare and memorial choices that truly represent the love you and your pet shared. We also extend a welcoming hand into our comforting grief support circles, a safe space for your whole family to heal and reminisce. It’s our way of nurturing the lasting bond you’ll always hold dear.


Our services reach across these communities, ensuring that you have access to the care and support you need in these tender moments.

Currently Serving the Greater Polk County, FL Area:

  • Lakeland
  • Winter Haven
  • Plant City
  • Lake Wales
  • Mulberry
  • Haines City
  • Bartow
  • Auburndale
  • Davenport
  • Polk City

If your area isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always looking to extend our care and would be honored to discuss service availability in your location.

EverLoved is committed to expanding our reach, aiming to provide comfort and compassion to more families in their time of need.

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What our pet parents say

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when it is the right time?
Every pet and family is different, and there could be several health concerns driving you to seek euthanasia for your loved one. It is important to understand that a pet may show pain or distress in many ways. For example, if a pet is having significant mobility issues, difficulty breathing, declining food for multiple meals in a row, or refusing to spend any time with the family, this could indicate a substantial decrease in the pet’s quality of life. Our veterinarians are here to take the time to help families understand and navigate these conditions and expectations around their pet’s care. We offer in-home consultations to guide your family through this momentous time in your pet’s life.
When should I make an appointment? Can I make a same day appointment?
It can be difficult to take the next step for your pet when it comes to providing humane euthanasia, and it is common in the veterinary field to urgently need our specific services. We attempt to accommodate your family’s needs as best we can if the same day is requested or necessary for your pet’s condition. If there are any questions about your pet’s current condition or if timing is difficult to discern, you can always schedule a Quality of Life Consultation for an In-Home Assessment. At that time, the veterinarian will work through your loved one’s health concerns and the needs of both the patient and family. If euthanasia is the right choice for everyone, our euthanasia service could be provided at that time. We hope to help any family in need as quickly as possible.
What are the benefits of in-home euthanasia?
When the time comes to make the difficult decision to euthanize a pet, there are often associated stressors that can be avoided when a pet is able to remain in a familiar and comfortable space. Concerns include anxiety from visiting the animal hospital as there are a multitude of unfamiliar smells and sounds and the pet could associate the building with previous visits. A pet could suffer from significant mobility issues or having increased nausea or upset stomach whereas traveling in a car can certainly exacerbate that discomfort. Choosing an in-home euthanasia also allows family members, including children and other pets, to be present in larger spaces. We specialize specifically in these visits, and we are dedicated to offering the time your family needs while preserving your loved one’s dignity and peace as much as possible. Your home can be a beautiful place to create loving memories with your pet at the end of their life.
Are there any special preparations we should make at home prior to the appointment?
For both Quality of Life Assessment and End-of-Life services, it is important to consider spaces that are comfortable for your pet and the family to gather. The veterinarian will need to perform an examination but can adapt easily to most environments. Finding a comfortable space during discussion and/or euthanasia services is important as you want to be able to take as much time as needed.
For euthanasia services, consider spaces in the home or outside where you can make this a beautiful memory. Your family may choose your loved one’s special place in the yard or a favorite room in the house. You will just want to be comfortable with the decision that this space can hold this special time. Some families choose to have special music played, poems read, prayers said, or specific scents or candles involved. In addition, consider silencing home phones and putting cell phones away unless being used for pictures, video, or specific family communication.
Should my children be present?
Every family is different, and it needs to be the parent’s or guardian’s decision to have children present. Children may even ask to be present, and most of the time, it would be an appropriate consideration. Clear and honest communication, adapted to that child’s developmental level, of what is happening to their pet is important. Try to avoid phrases such as, “putting to sleep” or “passing on” with children, as this can add confusion of the unknown. Small children may be OK to be present as they can add comfort for others; however, consider an activity or coloring book to help prevent significant distraction. Do not hesitate to ask us for specific book recommendations. Our veterinary team is more than willing to offer guidance and are trained to speak with all members of the family.
Do I have to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian before I can make a euthanasia appointment?
No, our veterinarian will take the time to get to know you and your pet with conversation and through their physical examination. This is to reassure the decision to euthanize is best for everyone. You are your pet’s best advocate, and we are there to support your family in offering this final gift to your loved one.

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